...because project failure is preventable
Programme, Project Recovery & Turnaround Consultants
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+44 (0)7973 887 374

What we offer

We offer the opportunity for you to rescue and ultimately recover, in a controlled way, your failing projects or programme, utilising the services and intensive support of highly experienced specialists from BML.

Our approach is collaborative; but within a Command and Control environment which only needs to exist until the results have been achieved.

We will work in an integrated manner with your own people, so that when we leave, the skills, knowledge and experience we initially brought with us, remain and leave you with a legacy.

Our core business is Project and Programme recovery and turn-around. It's what we do and what we have been doing in the UK, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, as well as other countries all over the world.

There are very few companies who have this specialty and we have earned our reputation by helping very high-profile clients solve problems with a value of over 1.8 Billion Pounds and more recently over 500 million Pounds.

If you are reading this, then ask yourself this question. "How does a project get to be a year late...?" The answer is; "one day at a time"

Whilst it remains true that there have been catastrophic collapses of projects, which have taken entire trading companies down with them, with no survivors and reputations damaged beyond repair;

It doesn't have to be this way.

There is a way forward and failure is avoidable, if timely action is taken by calling in BML as soon as things start to change, or things start becoming "late".