...because project failure is preventable
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+44 (0)7973 887 374

What we do best

Broadhurst Management Limited (BML) was created in response to an ever increasing market-led need to provide clients with the knowledge and experience necessary to turnaround and recover complex, high-value, high-visibility, strategically important projects and programmes. This is precisely what we do and have been doing for the past 15 years.

Programmes which are in serious difficulties threaten a company by creating the capacity to incur significant financial loss if not addressed. In some instances when left too late, these threats often become 'terminal' to all concerned.

We understand the corporate political atmosphere that projects and programmes require in order to survive. This is crucial if recovery and turnaround is to succeed.

We, through our experience, help to create, or re-create such an atmosphere. It is key to what we know needs to be achieved for success to happen.

At BML we don't try to tell you, or your Project and Programme Managers how to manage. We are not offering Project Management services. We know that you already know how to do that.

However, not all Project Managers have the experience, or the knowledge to regain control of a failing or out-of-control project and set it back on its path.

That is the danger and the fundamental essence of the problem.